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Monday, May 7, 2012

Marley Montano's 1st Annual Hip-Hop Community Showcase

Today I am officially announcing Marley Montano's 1st Annual Hip-Hop Community Showcase, taking place at Double Down Live, Thursday, May 24th in Gainesville, Florida. Like many college towns, the strength of Gainesville's music scene rises and falls as students graduate, popular artists move on to bigger cities, and of course, there's always the inevitable breaking up of bands. I myself left Gainesville four years ago, but recently, and proudly, I have moved back into the area. Since returning, I have been pleasantly surprised with the amount of activity that has been taking place in Gainesville; In the past six months alone, I have personally participated in over 15 hip-hop shows, opened up for Afroman, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and hosted several emcee & breakdance competitions throughout the community.

As new collectives form-and old ones revive-I look for opportunities to help support and nurture my community. I will always be performing, hosting, producing and managing artists; Now however, I hope to foster in a new era of community and tradition, in not only the hip-hop community, but in all communities in and around Gainesville. 

This event, although a hip-hop showcase, is meant to serve as a common ground for all communities to gather. There will be representatives from various organizations, foundations, websites, and more, set up at information tables to educate and spread awareness about local community efforts, causes, and events. Several photographers, and videographers will be at the event as well, as I plan to document more of the major events that take place in Gainesville. Attendees are also encouraged to bring cameras, and artists should bring their demos, albums, promo materials, etc. This event is meant not only to showcase, but unite, in an effort to support our local musicians, club (or music venue) owners, promoters, radio stations, and the arts community!

This showcase will feature all of the four major elements of hip-hop culture: graffiti art, breakdancing, turntablism, and emceeing. Local artist "PHAVOR" will be one of the many highlights of the evening, as he composes original work just outside of the venue. Members of The Hip-Hop Collective, and other local breakdance communities, will be in attendance; I encourage any bboys, bgirls, poppers, or lockers to come throw down during the open cyphers (remember, we're filming). DJ Robzilla of the famous Orlando turntablist crew, "The Table Hogs," will be hosting a turntablism expo with guest DJs. Be sure to check out some of the Sunday Skool Scratch Sessions videos on YouTube for a taste of what you will see at this event!. Additionally, this event features performances from some of the most actively performing hip-hop artists in the community. I will be performing at this event as well, alongside the newly allied DJ Robzilla. 

Hosting the event is local business owner, Jarad "G" Bowens. In addition to owning and operating G-yns Entertainment, emcee "G" was one of the founding members of The Hip-Hop Collective back in 2001. "We're trying to change the music scene around here, and we're not gonna be quiet about it!" said Bowens. "This jam is the first of many my boy Marley (The Messenger) is throwing, and if you have any love for me, for Hip-Hop culture, or my homie Marley Montano, than come show us on Thursday, May 24th!"

Below, you will find a list of links that can be shared to help promote this event! Please SHARE and SPREAD THE WORD!! Remember, it's a community effort!!! 

Peace & Love, Marley "The Messenger" Montano

1) Hip-Hop Showcase - FACEBOOOK EVENT  
2) Hip-Hop Showcase - EVENTFUL.COM
3) The Messenger's Blog - THIS ARTICLE 

*Please note that I recognize that there are many, many talented local hip-hop artists in both our city, and our region. It would be difficult to completely represent the region, or even just the city without throwing a very large scale event to include all of this talent. This event does feature some of the most dominant figures in our local hip-hop community, though many more artists exist than could be featured during this particular showcase. Artists and organizations interested in collaborating, please email me at:

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