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Monday, March 25, 2013

SOUL CYPHER 2013: Vibe. Culture. Respect.

OVERVIEW: Soul Cypher 2013

This weekend Soul Cypher 13 takes place over the course of three days at multiple venues, and will include workshops, panel discussions, performances, popping battles, and crew vs. crew Bboy battles. Like the organization itself, Soul Cypher has shifted in size from year to year, from large to small, to almost disappearing at one point. Fortunately a new group of members have taken the initiative to restructure and rebuild the organization. Celebrating its thirteenth year as a student run organization, The Hip-Hop Collective has emerged strong with new leadership, and a five-year plan that includes volunteering, community outreach, and education.

This year the Collective is proud to be restoring Soul Cypher to its original 3-day format with battles and performances taking place on the first 2 days; and cyphers and discussions on the final day.

All battles, and “The Emcee Olympics” are open for anyone to participate; registration remains open until the battles begin. Excluding the cost of participating in the workshops (Day 2), this event is completely free and open to the public. All events are all ages welcome and families are encouraged to attend. The atmosphere of Soul Cypher has always been positive, and for years the theme of this event has been: Vibe. Culture. Respect. This is an excellent environment to experience our living, breathing Hip Hop culture; our music, our dance, and beyond these expressions, our mentality. Please help to spread awareness about this free event by sharing both this blog post, and the Soul Cypher 13 dedication mix by DJ Robzilla, located at the bottom of this page. Thank you and hope to see you at the event!

- Peace, Love, Unity, and Having Fun! – Marley The Messenger

DAY 1: 2 vs. 2 Bboy Battles, 7-To-Smoke, Emcee Olympics

LOCATION: Thelma A. Boltin Center, 516 NE 2nd Ave Gainesville, FL 32601



1) 2 VS. 2 BBOY BATTLES: These battles will feature two man or woman crews, battling round for round to determine the best crew.


-       DIZZY (Motion Disorderz) Milwaukee, WI
-       PUZZLES (Supernaturalz) Toronto, ON
-       LEGO (Flipside Kings) Miami, FL

2) THE “7-TO-SMOKE INVITATIONAL”: New to Soul Cypher, this will be a “King of the Hill” type of battle, consisting of a series of one-on-one battles. Each Bboy competing to hold the “King Position.” Any Bboy knocked out of the king position is sent to the end of the line, where they must wait for another opportunity to challenge the king. The first Bboy to hold the kings position seven times is declared the winner.

This particular event is an invitation only battle which will feature seven highly skilled, highly experienced Bboys, each carefully selected to participate in this event. We’ve placed master against master for this one, and it should prove to be an impressive display. The following Bboys are competing in this challenge:

- Tung Fu (MF Kidz Orlando, Fl)

- Tunes (Hybrid Tribe/ Fresh Creative Killers Orlando, Fl)

- Jolty (Backyard Funk Orlando, Fl)

- Spindian (Droppin Science/Blow Up Kingz Miami, Fl)

- Vex (Sonz of Shaolin Gainesville, Fl)

- Eagle (Catalyst Miami Miami, Fl)

- Oath (Scribes of Warfare Orlando, Fl)

- Twizz (Scholars of Exile Pensacola, Fl)

3) THE EMCEE OLYMPICS: Different than traditional emcee battles, this event consists of a series of freestyle challenges designed to prove your versatility and adaptability and as an overall emcee. The final two emcees face off in a more traditiona­l head-to-head emcee battle-with a slight twist of course. This competition celebrates the art of emceeing and is an awesome opportunity for an emcee to assert his or her mastery of their craft.

This event (as with all competitions at Soul Cypher) is open for anyone to compete. I am personally inviting and calling out all skilled emcees to come and participate in this challenge! Orlando (The Ozone) and Jacksonville (Duval) are set to be in heavy attendance at this event, as well as many other cities known for having active Hip Hop communities, and talented and innovative emcees. I have extreme respect for my own city, and I look forward to Gainesville representing at this event.


-       LACES (Tallahassee)
-       PATEN LOCK (Jacksonville)
-       MARLEY THE MESSENGER (Gainesville)

4) TURNTABLISM: DJ B-RYAN (Little Green Apples/Main Ingredients) and DJ ROBZILLA (Marley The Messenger/The Table Hogs) will be sharing the stage throughout Soul Cypher weekend, spinning for all battles and open cyphers.

DAY 2: Workshops

LOCATION 1 (Morning Event): IndepenDANCE Studio, 7050 SW Archer Rd, Gainesville, FL 32608


DESCRIPTION: The Collective is hosting three separate workshops Saturday morning, each focusing on a different form of dance. The following is a schedule of the workshops being offered. Champions of their respective styles, and expert teachers are leading all of the workshops; any workshop, or combination of workshops, regardless of your skill level or knowledge, would be an investment of your time, a memorable experience, and a whole lot of fun. Please exploit this opportunity, and please share this information with any individuals you think might have interest.


LEGO & DIZZY - 11 AM-1 PM | $20.00

PUZZLES 1:30-3 PM | $10.00


DIDO - 11 AM -12 PM | $10
BOOGALOO - 12:15-1:15 PM | $10.00


AQUABOOGY - 1:30-3 PM | $10.00

DAY 2: Popping Battles, Beatboxing, Crew Battles

LOCATION 2 (Evening Event): J. Wayne Reitz Union - Rion Ballroom (@ The University of Florida), 66 Museum Rd Gainesville, Fl 32603



1) 2 VS. 2 POPPING BATTLES: Poppers will face off in teams of two. Dopest team wins. Following the energy of Form & Funktion (a recent Popping jam thrown by The Collective) expect to see a showdown.


-       DIDO (Groove Engineers) Orlando, FL
-       JR BOOGALOO (Machine Gone Funk) San Diego, CA
-       AQUABOOGY (Control Freakz) Miami, FL

2) BEATBOX EXHIBITION: A special presentation will be made by UF Beatbox-the official beatboxing group at the University of Florida. This exhibition will showcase the art of vocal percussion, and producing musical sounds using only the mouth and voice. UF Beatbox conducts practice sessions every week, which of course are also free and open to the public. Be sure not to miss out on this performance.

3) CREW VS. CREW BBOY BATTLES:  Considered the main event as far as competitions go at Soul Cypher; Bboy crews of 6 to 8 members throwing down with all that they’ve got. High energy; skillful mastery; always an impressive display; you decide.


-       DIZZY (Motion Disorderz) Milwaukee, WI
-       PUZZLES (Supernaturalz) Toronto, ON
-       LEGO (Flipside Kings) Miami, FL

4) TURNTABLISM: DJ RUCKUS (Groove Engineers) will be spinning music for the popping battles; joining DJ B-RYAN (Little Green Apples/Main Ingredients) and DJ ROBZILLA (Marley The Messenger/The Table Hogs), who will continue to share the stage throughout Soul Cypher weekend, spinning music for all remaining battles and open cyphers.

DAY 3: The Return of the Bboy-Que (Cyphers & Discussions)

LOCATION 1 (Music/Cyphers): Plaza of the Americas (@ The University of Florida), 1545 W. University Ave. Gainesville, Fl 32603

LOCATION 2 (Panel Discussions): J. Wayne Reitz Union - - 2nd Floor Rm. 287 (@ The University of Florida), 66 Museum Rd Gainesville, Fl 32603


DESCRIPTION: Day 3 packs a whole lot of activity into just a couple of hours, but it’s well worth the time spent. DJs B-RYAN and ROBZILLA will be on their decks providing the vibe for everyone to cypher and/or just feel good. A 3-sided graffiti wall will be provided for artists who wish to compose. A panel discussion will also be taking place during this time; providing the option to either freestyle and jam, or participate in an open and friendly discussion about the Florida hip-hop community, primarily focusing on strengthening the scene for young dancers in the "Flava Florida" scene. Guests will be opening up the forum with their past experiences in the Florida scene and abroad. This years featured speakers will be:

-       Leo Esclamado (Collective President 2004-06/Community organizer)
-       Lito Aguinaga (Soul Rockerz/Soul Movement)
-       Leon Hicks (Internationally acclaimed Artist & Educator)


Throughout the entirety of the event, The Hip-Hop Collective will be collecting donations for the All The Way Live Foundation - a non-profit organization that focuses on youth empowerment through dance. Please do your best to scrap up what you can, and make a contribution. Find out more about this organization on their website:

*COMPETITORS: Emcees, Poppers, Bboys, Crews

Pre-registration information can be filled out here. Keep in mind that you will still need to check in when you arrive. Be mindful of start times, and don’t miss out on your opportunity to participate. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TO COMPETE @ SOUL CYPER 13


Live streaming of Days 1 & 2 will be provided by (a Hip-Hop music & gaming review site). Just remember that nothing makes up for experiencing an event like this first hand. Soul Cypher is not only an inspirational event, but an excellent networking opportunity, and a chance to promote your brand, organization, or cause.


1) Share this blog post : SOUL CYPHER 13 (The Messengers Blog)

2) Share DJ Robzilla's Soul Cypher mix: SOUL CYPHER 13 (Soundcloud: DJ Robzilla)

3) RSVP and share the Facebook event page : SOUL CYPHER 13 (Facebook: Event Page)

4) Come out to Turlington Plaza (U.F. campus) Monday (3/23) through Friday (3/29) from 11am-3pm, and join The Hip-Hop Collective as they host open cyphers with breakin, poppin, beatboxing, emcees freestyling, and more : TURLINGTON TAKEOVER (Event Page)


*READ MORE about ROBZILLA'S MIX on the blog section of his website here:  

ROBZILLA'S SOUL CYPHER 2013 MIX (A Message from Robzilla) 

** BE AWARE, I will post any SOUL CYPHER UPDATES I receive; even up to the start of each event. Check back from time to time for updates.


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