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I've been performing, producing music, and hosting events under the emcee alias The Messenger since roughly 1999. During this time I've also been a member of a couple of Florida-based Hip Hop/Funk bands to include: Voice of the People (Gainesville, FL), and SEMI-SOUL (Lakeland, FL). In 2001 I helped to start a student run organization at The University of Florida (and Santa Fe College) known as The Hip-Hop Collective. I have appeared at many of the Collective's events since its formation; to include hosting the first ever Soul Cypher in 2001 (originally called: The Summit), judging the Emcee Olympics, and most recently as host of Soul Cypher 2012. In 2010 I started a documentary-style interview series known as Verbalize with The Messenger and in 2016 I plan to relaunch Verbalize with many more interviews, and spotlights on organizations, events, and communities. Recently I finished recording my latest album at  SkyLab Studios with DJ Robzilla . Please visit my official website for more detailed information at:

Peace, Love, Unity, and Having Fun - MARLEY THE MESSENGER